Sheep For Sale


Every year we have Lleyn and Blue Texel females and males for sale. The flocks are not Scrapie monitored but if animals are to be exported, I have a good idea of which animals are ARR/ARR before export blood tests are taken. The majority of ewes and all the stock rams are ARR/ARR.

You can also go to the BASCO website and look at the pedigrees and the most up to date EBVs for the Bearwood Flock.

Please go to the Lleyn and Blue Texel “Sheep For Sale” pages for more information on what is for sale for each breed.

If you require assistance with choosing a ram for your flock and are confused with EBV’s, don’t hesitate to call me and I will explain what the figures mean.

For further information, please contact Edward Collins. Telephone: 01544 388438 or on my mobile: 07970 015186