Lleyn Sheep For Sale

Lleyn Yearling Rams
Lleyn Yearling Rams

Sheep Available 2019


Two 3yr old registered stock rams. Only being sold as too many females sired by them in the flock

Lleyn yearling rams for sale are listed below. Of the 15 rams, 10 rams have performance figures in the Top 1% and 5 in the Top 5% in the latest (June 2019) Lleyn Breed Evaluation. Click on the ID to see individual Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) and pedigree.

04353  REGISTERED  (1%)  SOLD

04355  REGISTERED  (1%)

04369  REGISTERED  (1%)

04375  REGISTERED. (1%)

04415  REGISTERED. (5%)

04427  UNREGISTERED  (1%)

04429  REGISTERED  (1%)  SOLD

04490  REGISTERED  (1%)

04502  UNREGISTERED  (5%)

04517 UNREGISTERED  (5%)

04534  UNREGISTERED  (1%)   SOLD

04535  UNREGISTERED  (1%)

04540 REGISTERED  (1%)

04553  UNREGISTERED  (5%)

04659  UNREGISTERED  (5%)


Lleyn Yearling Ewes
Lleyn Yearling Ewes
  • up to 50 yearling ewes
  • up to 50 ewe lambs
Lleyn Ewe Lambs
Lleyn Ewe Lambs

Please call to discuss your requirements.

All my sheep are sold off the farm. Purchasers can come and look at all the stock in their “working clothes” and see for themselves the system here at Bearwood. They can also spend as long as they like making their decisions on purchasing and not feel under any pressure or obligation plus the many bio-security benefits.

For further information, please contact Edward Collins. Telephone: 01544 388438 or on my mobile: 07970 015186