Autumn Sales

Another busy autumn with sales of both Lleyn and Blue Texel sheep.  All animals were sold off the farm and went to all four corners of the UK.

18 Blue Texel ewe lambs and 2 Blue Texel tups went to South Wales to form a new flock. 5 older Blue Texel ewes went east to Lincolnshire to again form a new flock and a couple of tups were sold to commercial producers.

I kept the majority of my Lleyn ewe lambs as I am going to be selling yearlings in future but a couple of small groups were sold to repeat customers. 30 Lleyn yearling ewes went to South Wales as did a couple of Lleyn tups. Yearling and older Lleyn tups went as far a field as Scotland and Devon, East Anglia and West Wales. We are in a good location as livestock haulage companies from across the UK have wagons coming by most weeks during the sale season.

I am now getting prepared for lambing which begins 1st March.

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