Lambing Over

Lambing is almost over with just two ewes left to lamb. We were luckily not affected by the Schmallenberg virus and the weather, although cold was not too severe. We had snow but luckily a couple of inches and not a couple of feet like in some areas.

The ewes and lambs have survived well. I do not creep the lambs but I am still feeding concentrate to the ewes to help them produce milk until the grass grows.

The majority of Lleyns and Blue Texels lambed on their own in the lambing shed and ewes and lambs were put out onto grass within three days of being born. Even in the snow and rain lamb losses were minimal. Both breeds of sheep are excellent mothers and have plenty of milk.

The camera in the sheep shed that sends images to my computer was yet again a great asset. I lambed the ewes on my own and only get help when I transport ewes and lambs from the shed to the field.

The lambs will be drenched shortly with a wormer that covers Nematodirus and a multi vitamin.

We now need sunshine and warm weather to get the grass to grow and to help the lambs get a good start in life.